#WWDC18 Keynote Highlights

Only iOS & macOS

WWDC 2018


1. ARKit 2.
2. Smarter Siri + Workflow = Siri Shortcuts.
3. Group Notifications, Do not Disturb at Bedtime, Screen Time.
4. Memoji.
5. Group FaceTime Calls up to 32 people.
6. Photos with new ‘For You’ tab and Sharing Suggestions.


1. System-wide Dark Mode + Xcode in Dark Mode.
2. Finder: Dynamic Desktop, Desktop Stacks, new Quick Look and Screenshot Tools.
3. Apple News, Home App & Voice Memos.
4. Stronger Privacy Control.
5. Enhanced Do-not-Tracking in Safari (for both macOS and iOS).
6. Completely new, redesigned & rebuilt Mac App Store. (Microsoft and Adobe are bringing their apps to the App Store later this year).
7. ‘Create ML’ with Core ML 2 to train ML models on a Mac.
8. Better Continuity.

Not merging iOS & macOS but:
- bringing a part of UIKit from iOS to macOS and doing Phase 1 of the integration process: testing the technique.
- they’ve made new Apple News, Voice Memos & Home app on macOS based on this technology.
- developers are getting this in 2019.

This year is like Apple finally sat back and did listen to meet their customers' expectations instead of rushing for some big new features that would be buggy. Can't wait for macOS 10.14 and iOS 12 🙏🏻🔥.