It's 8.30pm now and I just feel like writing some words before saying goodbye to the lovely Pig and welcome the Rat.

The Pig treated me nicely. Coming into 2019, I actually had low expectations. I just wanted everything to just stay the same as 2018: I was still having to finish my Bachelor of Engineering degree, had a somewhat high-paid job that every college students wanted, everything going on really well so I didn't feel the need to change anything...

A New Job As A Software Engineer At Got It

...Then that happened.

After celebrating a quiet Tet, I came back to my everyday life: studying and working. Studying is okay, but my work soon became a mess. We parted ways during April. I was stressed, I was mad, I was disappointed.

When a door is closed, another will open. Being at home for a while, I applied for Got It and after some rounds of interview procedure, I got a job offer. The first time ever in my life – I got a full-time job while still finishing university. I started working on new things I hadn't done before, learnt a new programming language and strengthen my skills. I had fun while building amazing things. I really appreciate the trust my colleagues did give me, and I really am enjoying the working atmosphere there.

Even when I'm looking back at that period now, I feel so proud. I'm sure that my parents are proud of me too (even though they always pronounce my company's name as "Got I-T" instead of "Got It").

During the interview process and while working with Got It, I learnt the most important thing, that is: you have to put effort to get shit done.

Finishing My Bachelor's Degree

I hate to say it but I have to admit that during my years in university, I failed a lot of classes, like 6 - 7 courses. I, at one point, was telling myself that I'd never graduate on time. But after planning to study extra classes during the semesters, I finally made it on time.

I also successfully defensed my graduation thesis with the topic of "Building a live-streaming website". It was a fun experience even though sometimes I was really exhausted because of having to do it while maintaining my quality of work at Got It.


After some years of working without saving anything, this year I could finally save some money. I saw it as a big win.

I like reading financial books. Digging deeper into how money works and transferring it into reality is fun. However, I am a coward so I didn't risk investing or anything last year. I'll find a way to make more money in the next month, and by making more money I mean finding a source of passive income :P.

So in the new year some of my objectives are trying to learn new things and obtain some certifications, improving myself as a better person and putting more effort into my pet project.. and earning more.

It's more than one hour passed already and I have nothing else to write so I'm gonna stop here. Hopefully 2020 the Rat will treat me nicer haha.

Thank you my family, my colleagues, my friends, my exes to have been with me after all this time. I really appreciate. I hope everyone health and wealth.