Just wanna write some raw thoughts of mine after all the controversies Apple had gone through in 2017. There're many things to say but I am just gonna write about the latest controversy of Apple.

Back to late 2017, Apple was criticized for slowing down iPhones with worn-out battery. All over Reddit, forums, newspapers..., people were telling them as some devil who slow down old phones to make people upgrade to newer iPhones.

What they've done wrong

I don't say this is right. But old phones and phones with worn-out batteries are totally different. An old phone is like an iPhone 4S, 5, even 6...; which is released many years before the latest. And a phone with worn-out battery is a phone which has a battery capacity much lower than it is designed to be. They are different but people make them the same to make Apple look bad.

I see the only thing Apple did wrong was not telling its customers about this solution they've applied to iOS. Rather than that, I see nothing wrong about Apple slowing down these kinds of phones.

Why they did it?

They just wanted to prolong its customer battery life on a single charge, I've got an iPhone 6S with 53% battery wear running iOS 11.2.1 and I didn't even notice any big  difference in performance. I can still check mail, play games, facebooking,... anything that I used to do. That means iOS only goes slow only when your battery is almost unusable.

I got 1.5 - 2 hours of continuous on-screen time and have to charge regularly. But the phone shut itself when there were 10% left. This is what Apple worries about.

They just wanted to extend its product and make customers safe. Just imagine, your battery is worn-out and you have to charge all day, then it is very harmful for you and the product itself. They were doing this just for the good.

What's the solution for you?

The solution for you is simple as replacing your battery because it's time to replace it. Cheap, safe, fast. You don't need to upgrade your phone.

Apple even lowers the battery replacement price down to $29, a very cheap price for almost every people on Earth. I don't understand why many people don't just do the right thing (when they have to) but put all the blame on Apple.

Please, give Apple to chance.