I care about the environment. That’s why I chose Apple and Starbucks over other competitors, including turning my back on local brands. These brands are currently the pioneers in their fields when it comes to reducing environmental footprints.

These are some of the efforts that have been made by Starbucks and Apple to reduce their footprints on the environment:


  • Paper bags, paper napkin, paper cups and even cold cups are all made from post-consumer materials.
  • For more specific, the napkin is made with 100% recycled content and a minimum of 40% post-consumer fiber; paper cups consist of an amount of 10% recycled content as the technology is not there yet (aiming to double in 2022); 50% of recycled rPET in cold cups. All these are possible for recycle/ reuse.
  • Switching to disposable straws and offer strawless lids at stores. This will have been completed across the globe by 2020 and will help reducing the tide of ocean plastic.
  • Encouraging customers to use their own mugs, personal cups or tumblers to help reducing wastes by offering them a discount when doing this. Everyone is happy.
  • Owning Renewable Energy Certificates and 62% of all Starbucks stores are powered by renewable energy, aiming for 100% of stores globally in 2020.


  • 100% of all Apple facilities worldwide including Apple Stores, Apple Park and data centers for services such as iMessage, iCloud... are powered by renewable energy.
  • All of Apple products are 100% recyclable. Apple invented Daisy, a robot that can disassemble and recover value materials in devices.
  • Apple devices are designed for durability so customers can use devices in a longer period of time. This helps reducing wastes by it being taken advantages of longer without having to switch to a newer device.
  • New Apple devices are being made from 100% recycled aluminum that was taken from old devices after recycling process.
  • Apple packagings are a lot greener now by using less plastic and their factories and supply chains are Zero Waste-certified.